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Realizations Radio

Your host Jia H. Jung, going long with individuals of uncommon expertise, trades, crafts, and passions!


Oakland-grown D.C. resident, federal employee, world traveler, extreme eater, Marine Corps Marathon runner, two-time cancer defeater, and life maximizer Sean Bowman shares his expertise as a host for Couchsurfing International, Inc.. Christmas Eve is the perfect time to sit by the digital fireside to listen to how Mr. Bowman has made room at his inn, so to speak, for over 100 people hailing from 35 different nations, compensated only in the form of modest gifts and zany experiences such as meeting a stem cell transporter from Germany, enjoying the home cooking of gay hookup app creators from New York, being propositioned by a popcorn-demanding woman from an undisclosed country, and hearing the tall but true tales from a Finnish man who survived a sauna set at 115 degrees…Celsius.

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