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R. Schwimmer - Photo

This special extended episode offers a rare and thorough look into the musical, aesthetic, scientific, and technical facets of the quirky theremin as only by master thereminist Rob Schwimmer can provide.  Recently featured in the CBS Morning Show, this Oscar winning composer/keyboardist/musician is also at the helm of the New York Theremin Society, which serves as the world’s only true outlet for the global community that is keeping the enigmatic electromagnetic invention of the 1920s fresh and futuristic. A perfect-pitched prodigy since the age of 3, Schwimmer’s home studio in Brooklyn, NY is also home to a continuum, an organ, a celeste, a harpsichord, an array of other obscure keyboard instruments, and a Steinway grand piano. Regarding his relationship with the Steinway brand, Schwimmer shared a captivating story off-air about a recurring dream he had throughout his childhood, of disappearing into a Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland type of treehole to find himself in a magical den filled with a myriad of fine pianos. As a young adult, he visited Manhattan’s Steinway Hall, only to realize that his recurring visits to a fantastical pianoland had been inspired by the reality of this very place, which he had visited with his parents when too young to remember.

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