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Raymond Genio

Raymond Genio moved to New  York City from his native California about two years ago. He was drawn to the city to do photography and videography, and has additionally found himself working as a freelance camera operator for ESPN 3. He acquired a taste for vaping (or the act of consuming electronic cigarettes) during summer break back on the West Coast, where the industry was already blossoming.  His newfound interest in vaping brought him into the brand new Henley Vaporium last spring after his return to NYC. His apparent expertise and enthusiasm for the increasingly popular activity instantly landed him a part time job with the steadily growing lounge/e-cig flavor bar/organic cafe in Soho. The community friendly space is more than a haven for those who want to quit cigarettes, those who want to find top notch vaping equipment, or those who just want to try free flavors all day long. It’s more than a social hot spot that has been covered by CNN, Yahoo Financial, and The New York Times. It is the physical representation of national and international growth in alternative nicotine consumption. In this fresh episode, Raymond talks about the origins of vaping, the current mainstreaming and future growth of the e-cigarette industry, the parallel production processes of manufacturing e-juice flavors and e-cigarette hardware, differences between the ethical and health  impact of vaping versus conventional smoking, the coil-and-wick mechanics of vapor creation, and of course, what consumers get, dollar for dollar, milliliter for milliliter.

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