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Croft Vaughn, springboard diving coach of Team New York Aquatics (TNYA), was a competitive high-school diver in Indiana, where he medaled at State competitions.  He trained under 2008 Olympic coach John Wingfield at Ball State University Dive Camps.  Later, he represented NYU Diving with Todd Kolean, and Olympic silver medalist Scott Donie as his coaches. He taught diving at NYU for 3 years before he was recruited to launch the diving program with TNYA, a Manhattan based swimming, diving, and water polo team in the United States Masters Swimming Metropolitan network.  In its first year of operations, TNYA Diving brought 4 divers to the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) competitions, where they brought home 7 gold medals and 2 silvers.  Now in their second year, they brought 9 competitors to IGLA in Iceland, where they dominated the competitions. Croft is also a playwright, a storyteller, and an avid Country-Western dancer in New York City (he is the 2011 and 2012 advanced line dance champion for the IAGLCWDC). Amidst the 30th Olympic Games in London, he gives us an insider’s view into the physics, psychology, and fun behind this beautiful and exacting sport.

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Shawn Shafner is an actor, educator, and creator of The People’s Own Organic Power Project, or The POOP Project. The organization’s mission is to heal the cultural shame that makes potty talk taboo, and promote critical conversation about sustainable sanitation. A self-described “puru,” Shafner strives to change the minds and hearts of people, or consumers, to spark a (literally) bottom up awareness and change in our misconceptions and policies in dealing with (or merely flushing away) human waste. In a great attempt to break down the social barriers, Shafner and a crew of four others will perform his production, “Eat $h*t,” on July 22nd at the 59E59 theatre in New York City, then head off to the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe across the pond in Scotland with a little help from Fractured Atlas and money from their okwn pockets. Even under extreme 11th hour pressure, Mr. Shafner kindly takes the time to enlighten us all on the history of the toilet, the shame in shame, the sanitation system of New York City, the World Toilet Summit, the true scatological hallucinations of Protestant reformer Martin Luther, the constipation of Hitler, and the process of writing, directing, producing, acting, and singing in his own play. He even sings us a beautiful song.

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